Visual-Art Educator at a Leading Educational Institution – Bradfield Consulting Limited

Bradfield Consulting Limited - Our client, a leading educational institution with a group of schools comprising of primary, secondary and tertiary schools is currently seeking the services of a suitably qualified candidate to fill the position below:Job Title: Visual-Art EducatorLocation: AbujaSection: Primary SchoolJob DescriptionEstablish and communicate clear learning objectives and develop age-appropriate instructional strategies to achieve the goal of the curriculum.Demonstrate and assist students to use different techniques and media to develop art works aligned to their artistic abilities inform students about cultural and historical influences on art today.Encourage students to understand and appreciate art, express their own personalities and thoughts through the creative process assess.Appraise students by evaluating student's performance on a regular basisPrepare progress reports of students.Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and is age-appropriate.Instill student’s interest in arts.Present art displays of students.Use a range of instructional techniques and media consistent with available resources and student needs and capabilities expand the students' use of individual and collaborative strategies to generate concepts and ideas.Incorporate new technologies and tools in the creative processTeach students how to identify elements and techniques used to create conceptsDevelop an aesthetic understanding and appreciation that allow students to make qualitative judgments about art enable students to create a functional portfolio of their art works.Plan, coordinate and prepare art displays and exhibitions for the school and communityAssist students with effective display and presentation of their worksTeach knowledge and skills in art, including drawing, painting, lettering, and art history,Provide instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations and the ability to make qualitative judgments about artDemonstrate techniques in activities such as drawing and paintingUnderstand the versatility of acrylic paints: dry brushing, staining, layering, under painting and mono-printingCommunicate with parents and school counselors on pupil progress19. Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs, such as after-school art club 

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