Vacancy for Warehouse Manager at Qualitex Textiles Ltd

Position Description:The Warehouse Manager is responsible for the efficient receipt, storage, sorting, and dispatch of fabrics. He/she will be responsible for the maintenance and control of the warehouse operations. He/She will report to the Distribution Supply Chain Manager.   Responsibilities:        Plan, coordinate, and monitor the receipt, storage, re-balling, and dispatch of goods.        Collaborate with Sales Department needs and work closely with Merchandizing Manager to deliver products as specified.        Supervise the Warehouse Officers and ensure that the warehouse activities are efficient and in line with timelines provided.        Organzie the recruitment and training of staff        Coordinate the use of automated and computerized systems.        Keep stock control systems up to date and conduct spot checks as needed.        Conduct monthly reconciliation of inventory and confirm reporting accuracy.        Plan future capacity requirements        Maintain clear communication lines with factory, sales, merchandiser, and logistics departments        Ensure adequate conditions of good during storage in warehouse        Deliver on time in full orders.        Implement the order from the Supply Chain Manager.   Skills and qualifications:        Knowledge of end to end supply chain processes and best practices.        Experience in warehousing and distribution of products in Nigeria        Good risk management skills and ability to troubleshoot.        Ability to think outside the box and to gather knowledge on supply chain best practices.        Numeracy and an understanding of  excel analysis        Experience in inventory management        Skill in motivating and leading team        Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines        Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.        Skill in budget preparation and fiscal management.        Ability to analyze and solve problems.        Ability to plan, develop, and coordinate multiple activities.        Skills in the use of inventory management software, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.        Effective verbal and written communication skills. ​​​​​​​

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