Vacancy for UX/UI at TalentBase

We are looking for a talented designer who has the skill not only to create high quality graphics, but the ability to apply their creations to a user-centered design. A strong graphic designer portfolio is a good start, but we’re looking for more than just GD experience. Excellent html and css knowledge, and the ability to position and control UI elements are necessary, along with an understanding of how to construct designs flexible enough to display across multiple browsers, screen sizes, platforms and devices. But most importantly, we are looking for a designer that will be able to understand how the users will want to instinctively interact with the UI, and provide them with the ability to perform their tasks intuitively. Responsibilities• Part of a design process involving research, experimentation, and revision.• Incorporate usability testing feedback.• Elicit constructive feedback and capable of interpreting that feedback into design solutions.• Perform field research to discover and implement important design details that people may not realize they need.• Collaborate with others and work well with developers and product management.• Familiar with Agile/Scrum methodology. 

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