Vacancy for Stabilization Centre Nurse x5 at International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Key Responsibilities: Programming ·         Ensure quality and timely identification and treatment of medical complications associated with malnutrition in SC in liaison with the clinical services .Give and advice on the drug regimen for children in the SC.·         Supervise and coordinate the strict patient management of children in the Stabilization centre and ensure the laid protocols are followed.·         Participate in daily ward rounds in the SC ward with the medical team.·         Strictly Monitor and record the vital signs as required and report any deviation from the Normal·         Prepare for and assist the doctors during the rounds and whenever required.·         Ensure that all required observations, prescribed treatment and procedures are properly carried out and documented on patient’s charts.·         Refer to the doctor in charge or to the doctor on call relevant information such as patient’s status and laboratory results, which would assist in proper clinical management.·         Assist patients with activities of daily living while in the ward.·         Arrange and submit weekly ward work schedule and plan daily duties and responsibilities for each refugee staff.·         Escort patient to other referral hospital when necessary.·         Maintain equipment’s in good condition and submit regular inventory report of the same.·         Maintain drug registers and drug consumption within the ward level.·         Ensure that all admissions, discharges, transfers and deaths are properly recorded as they occur.·         Ensure the establishment of nutrition monitoring activities and train health staff in case detection and referral system.·         Improvement of the MIYCN program in the ward and ensure mother establish breastfeeding while in the ward·         Monitor therapeutic Feeds and ensure that children get 3 hourly therapeutic feeds as required.·         Ensure timely reporting in accordance with set deadlines.·         Improve the provision of quality nutrition counseling in the hospital·         Plan and Conduct continuous monitoring of the OTP and SC patient management through quality of care (QoC) assessments.

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