Vacancy for Software Developer (PHP) at A Reputable IT/Software Company

"Our client is an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to African higher educational institutions and governments. They offer bundled ICT infrastructure and software solutions, using a vendor-financing model in which investments are recoverable on a subscription basis".JOB DESCRIPTIONJob Title:  Software Developers (PHP)Job DescriptionIn this position, your responsibilities are primarily technical. Your duties include, but are not limited to:-     Using all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment and maintenance), produce software applications to meet clients’ requirements.-     Developing web applications using the company’s portal framework including all tiers; presentation layer, business logic and data layer.-     Utilizing RAD tools in creating solutions that are easier to manage and deploy within a short time frame.-     Integrating the company’s software applications with each other as the need arises.-     Using industry-standard design patterns, development methodologies and deployment models to produce software applications.-     Adhering to the software development standards and processes of the company.-     Ensuring that code is reusable, maintainable and well documented.-     Performing initial quality assurance by unit testing all developed code.-     Estimating effort and time required to carry out software development tasks.-     Ensuring that development deadlines are agreed with your project manager and adhered to.-     Working effectively in a development team as well as individually on assigned projects.-     Working closely with other staff, such as project managers, customization and deployment team, business analysts, and sales and marketing professionals, to develop optimal solutions for clients.-     Participating in Research and Development (R & D) to enable the development team keep in touch with emerging and latest technologies.-     Researching, acquiring and using more efficient development skills, techniques and technologies.

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