Vacancy for Psychosocial Officer-Stabilization centre at International Rescue Committee (IRC)

§  Provide Interventions to improve child and caregiver interactions in the IRC stabilization centre in order to facilitate children’s emotional, social and language development. §  Provide support and Educate caregivers on the importance of emotional communication.§  Provide positive stimulation and support for children and caregivers in the stabilization centre and OTP centres in order to effectively promote growth and positive child development.§  Identify the psychosocial, socio-economical and administrative needs for malnourished children in the IRC stabilization centres and recommend appropriate action in line with IRC/MOH Guidelines§  Carry out, individual or group counseling, basic psycho educational sessions, to patients and their families (when needed) in order to alleviate their psychosocial difficulties within the project scope§  Plan and deliver “Therapeutic Play Program for SAM Children” in IRC stabilization centre and ensure that the environment provides adequate sensory experiences for the children in the IRC stabilization centre. §  Provide ways for children to see, hear and move. For example, place colorful objects around the child and encourage the child to reach or crawl to them. Sing local songs and play games involving fingers and toes §  Conduct group support programs as operationally necessary, such as, but not limited to, parents support programs, peer support programs, educational sessions. §  Provide psycho education to families and children about Malnutrition and the available treatments regimes and Psycho social stigma related with Malnutrition. §  Participate in the creation and the caring of any material needed for counseling activities. §  Take active part in trainings, supervisions, interventions and support the supervisor when necessary in doing sensitization for IRC staff or external partners about mental health/psychosocial issues related to Malnutrition. §  Carry out and supervise administrative procedures and documents (fill in patients files, forms, consumptions, statistics, etc.), ensure an appropriate written/oral handover, and report any problematic situations and cases that may arise. Fill in all the necessary registers and health files, participate in data collection and keep supervisor informed.  §  Refer patients to other specialist or other service providers for further assistance when necessary in order to propose the best support available. §  Maintains an attitude of patient-centered care that is characterized by respect, dignity and partnership. §  Maintains the high standards of confidentiality for all patients (written and verbal). 

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