Vacancy for Procurement Manager, Nigeria Eco-System at A Worldclass Multispecialist Hospital

As the senior member of the Procurement organisation, the Nigeria Eco System Procurement Manager will work with work closely with the Group head of procurement as well as the various doctors of our hospitals to deliver on the procurement plan. Over the past few years, the Abraaj Growth Health Fund invested in various medical facilities that are currently being integrated. Spends are to be consolidated and tenders are to be initiated at Country level, levering on volumes and expertise.Role and Responsibilities:Identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate with themDeliver on the Nigerian strategic procurement initiatives and roll out the procurement plan.Develop key processes, procedures and work templates at Hospital level to ensure continuous improvement and adhere to the ISO 9001 principlesFoster savings by using the procurement levers such as standardisation, optimisation, consolidation and outsourcing.Assist in building the category management plan Ensure continuous supply of medical supplies whilst minimising inventory costs.Co-ordinate tenders and negotiate with vendors as required. Co-ordinate the effective resolution of vendor queries & other finance related issues.Assist in the sourcing of products as required.Chair the Nigeria Eco System procurement committee Implement the supplier performance management plan; roll out KPIs and report on performance of suppliers. Manage price agreements and contracts as required.Assist in Oracle system roll out throughout our facilities on the procurement agenda.Attributes Sought: A bright autonomous mind, social media savvy and a philosophy of collaboration and teamwork.A self-starter, results-oriented personality. Tolerance for complex, ambiguous, and ever-shifting environments, including a matrix management structure.Ability to lead projects and people to deliver

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