Vacancy for Mobile Money Operation Supervisor(OS position) at Mactay Consulting

Marketing, Value Chain ManagementØ  Provide Business Consultant Service to Mobile Money Operator, based on e-Payment solutions.Ø  Develop long-term Joint-Operation (JO) Partnership to setup, co-operate local e-money ecosystem.Ø  Be responsible for Market Requirement Research & Analysis in different market segmentation, create market analysis report and business proposal.Ø  Take charge of transaction scenario design, launch and optimization, include not limited to create Transaction Scenario, Business Process, Value Chain aggregation, Technical Solution discussion, validate and verify system implementation, etc.Ø  Ensure that products and services of the highest quality and popularity are integrated with the platform.Ø  Monitor and Evaluate operational activities to optimize the services and acquire new opportunities.Ø  Liaise and support the technical team to manage the platform performance, upgrades and other modifications.Ø  Ensure daily, weekly and monthly reports exist and are sent for all relevant activities, trends and revenues for mobile money services.  

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