Vacancy for Marketing and Operation Strategy Expert at Fastpay Nigeria Ltd

1.      Collaborate with all departments to set reasonable targets, break them down in stages and ensure the implementation of them;2.      Design, formulate and implement effective user growth strategies, including customer registration, promotion, transformation and retention of users, based on our products, the markets and our target users,3.      Categorize and prioritize users. Explore and capture users’ needs and product’s suing scenarios through analysis of user portrait profiling and psychology.4.      Effectively attract users to download, register and use our product and gradually create user habits through the operations of channels, traffic, activities, contents and marketing promotion programs.5.      Construct and detect funnels in all channels, conduct user behavior analysis, gain insight into the driving factors of user conversion, analyze potential problems, drive operation and product decision-making with data, optimize operation strategy and efficiency, and comprehensively improve funnel conversion rate and user product experience

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