Vacancy for Lottery Sales Executive (SE) at Koborise App Technologies Ltd

Lottery Sales Executive (SE)Applicant must be based in Lagos State.Summary1.    Onboard and manage sales agents in specific Local Government Areas.2.    The Sales Executive (SE) goal will be to coordinate the activities of all sales representatives or agents in specific Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.3.    Build rapport with sales agents or retailers, which will make them full business partners in all marketing, sales, promotional, merchandising and public relations activities designed to stimulate and increase sales for various daily, weekly and monthly DRAW GAMES.Responsibilities/Essential Functions:(1) Sales, Marketing and Merchandising•    Develop marketing and sales programs customized to meet the specific needs of each retailer.•    Provide information on each new game introduction and demonstrate how the game is played prior to onboarding new agents.•    Provide detailed information on effective merchandising techniques for all retailers.•    Communicate to all retailers the most effective product positioning, advertising and promotional programs that support current and new games.•    Provide extensive training to all agents within your assigned Local Government Area on the operation of Ekojara Lottery Games and how to use suggestive sales techniques to enhance the retailer’s business.•    Plan a Business Review for each retailer and demonstrate past sales and what future sale is expected.(2) Promotions•    Attend and participate in Lottery promotional functions. Sales Rep. are expected to assist retailers in selling and promoting Draw Games and Instant Tickets during the promotion and undertake other responsibilities as necessary during the promotional event.•    Evaluate the results of consumer and retailer promotional activities for each promotion conducted.(3) Agent Recruitment/ Onboarding•    Identify potential new agent/retailer locations. Analyse factors to include sales of nearby retailers and the potential for additional sales.•    Make an adequate number of cold calls to ensure new retailers are recruited.(4) Agent/ Retailers Training•    Coordinate and schedule on-going training to ensure enough knowledge of Ekojara products including how to market and sell those products. Provide on-site training of retailer personnel with high turnover rates.•    Provide hands-on training on payment channels.(5) Sales Analysis and Planning•    Develop and implement measurable plans based on data analysis. These plans should be specific, measurable, and actionable.•    Develop programs customized to motivate all retailers and especially under-performing retailers.•    Present reports demonstrating the impact that the promotions have on the retailer’s business.(6) General Responsibilities•    Develop and maintain a business relationship with all assigned Ekojara Agents/Retailers.•    Manage and maintain territorial account base of approximately 100 (average) Ekojara retailers to provide customer service to these retailers and their customers, Lottery players.•    Report on daily territory activity, sales reports.•    Recover all unsold marketing materials, equipment, and other Lottery property from cancelled/terminated retailer locations.•    Work on weekends as needed to supply or maintain adequate wallet top-up for active retailers remotely.•    Convey a positive image of the Ekojara Games in use of all equipment and display of points of sale, etc.•    Identify public relations opportunities (e.g., Lottery winners, successful retailers) and coordinate activities with the appropriate Lottery staff.•    Ability to coordinate all activities in the field and new ideas through the Sales Supervisor.(7) All other duties as assigned. 

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