Vacancy for Logistics Supervisor at Rayna Logistics

Rayna Logistics is a technologically enabled company that is revolutionizing the freight industry by making the operations of shippers and truck carrier seamless. With our technological solutions, we are a unique logistics company that aspires to be Nigeria’s largest truck dispatcher. We help companies of all sizes transport goods to selected states in Nigeria. Job Title: Logistics Supervisor Essential Duties and Responsibilities:The Logistics supervisor role involves leading a team to oversee the supply chain optimization of our partners. You would be required to have  strong leadership and  negotiation skills.To perform this job successfully, a qualified individual must be able to satisfactorily perform the following essential functions of this position: + Develop and manage the carrier and shipper database using our in-house software+ Successfully understand carrier’s operational capabilities, freight needs, and service area+ Foster and develop relationships with carriers and shippers in appointed region+ Reach and exceed the required load coverage levels and target margin goals+ Utilize and display sharp negotiation skills to ensure the company provides the most cost-effective logistics solutions+ Meet dispatching and check call requirements+ Maintain reliable communications with sales team regarding changes in shipper pick-up and customer delivery schedules/ potential service failures+ Communicate customer problems, needs, leads and inquiries to the sales team+ Provide shipment quotes to customers+ Prioritize available freight to efficiently and effectively cover all available customer loads+ Track all booked loads from the point the transportation provider is contracted through final delivery of the load+ Understand and support the goals, policies, and procedures of Rayna logistics+ Other duties related to the above that may be assigned as needed

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