Purpose of Job RoleImplementation Management has a leading, coordinating and supporting role regarding technical topics, commercial commitments and solutions within a network implementation organization.The job role is managing all implementation services e.g. Network Design, Site Acquisition, Civil Works, Installation, Integration services etc. Typical InterfacesInterface to Project and Customers as well as other functions e.g. Local Distribution, ASP’s ,SP’s, Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), Sourcing, neighboring function involved in the rollout. Tools & ResourcesGood knowledge in Microsoft Office suite of programs. Ericsson tools like PIwin, GASK and SiteHandler/Erisite. Group Site Safety Inspection Checklist. Behavioral Competences ••             Working with People•             Leading & Supervising•             Coping with Pressures & Setbacks•             Delivering Results & Meeting Customer Expectations •   Planning & Organising•             Deciding & Initiating Action Define scope of implementation and create detailed time planIn agreement with A(SP) Management, Customer and Project Manager plan the rolloutPerform coordination works in reporting Based on the rollout plan secure internal and external rollout capacitySecure call-off process to issue purchase orders towards suppliers and orders for internal resourcesPerform progress meeting, with Customer OHS and Suppliers and secure progress reporting and information flowPerform coordination works in1-2 service areasWorking in 1 service areaWorkin in more then 2-3 service areasWorking in more than 4 service areas and support as senior expert.Secure that processes, Wow instructions etc are well definedSecure that quality& OHS KPI measurements is in place and continusly measuredBased on improvement possibilities drive changes and updates. Act on quality & OHS issuesImplement new woW processes instructionsCoordinate global KPI customer requirements regarding site audit of high risk activitiesDrive resolution of Change Requests from suppliers including approving Fast Track (site variance) CRsMonitor the overall request for compensationBased on findings-initiated changes in purchasing modelVia appropriated channels drive compensation from CustomerSecure that work execute follows Ericssons procedures and standards as well as local laws  and regulations including local OHS  requirementsSecure that work executed is in accordance to customer directives and standardsImplement procedures for issues and problem handling Including infringements to OHS complianceReport and act on deviations initiate, if necessary investigation from experts. Implement resolution to issueManage and act on change orders and deviationsCoordinate to global KPI customer requirements   regarding site auditing of high risk activities undergo an OHS site safety inspection using the Global Site Safety Inspection checklist.Perform coordination works in 1-2 service areas 

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