Vacancy for Human Resources Manager at Beerhugz

·         Play an active role in the planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting in the organization.·         Provide support to the General Manager on issues relating to personnel policy (pay, welfare, etc.)·         Participate in the formulation and implementation of effective Performance Management System that would help sustain a performance driven culture·         Place advertisement for new employees or contacting recruiting agencies to provide services·         Supervise the activities involved in the leave, disciplinary, dismissal, transfer and promotion of employees·         Supervise the process of delivering the training intervention to ensure the company gets full value for money, including appropriate introductory training for new employees as well as ongoing training for all employees and Manager(s)·         Track and measure the impact of training intervention as a feedback to the process·         Updates job profiles as instructed by the Management·         Supervise the maintenance of a broad base personnel data base to ensure easy retrieval and usage of staff information·         Prepare the schedule for the payment of the monthly salary as required.·         Coordinate the process of deduction and remitting the statutory deductions from Employees (PAYE, Pension, etc)·         Coordinate the staff meal process·         Ensure that the company’s Employee Handbook is up to date and reflects the company’s human capital strategy·         Review and updates the Organizational diagram when there are changes in the organization structure·         Anticipate social and demographic changes that are likely to have an impact on recruitment and staffing and mitigate them·         Ensure the smooth running of various business functions (equipment and assets)·         Ensure that the management of the Fixed Assets is in line with the company’s Policy, Processes and Procedures·         Ensures that all company’s equipment and facilities are in top shape at all times·         Work closely with other managers on a wide range of organizational and strategic objective.·         Prepare comprehensive reports to the General Manager·         Carries out duties as may be required by the General Manager and Managing Director

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