Vacancy for HR Project Coordinator at Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors

Carrying out diagnostic analysis of DisCos’ on human resources;Designing and implementing tools to assess DisCos’ needs related to training and recruitment;Developing ANED data collection system;Supporting DisCo’s with assessing their challenges and priorities regarding human resources and training;Contributing to ANED’s policy on skills development for power distribution sector and designing a communication plan on the policy;The Coordinator will be responsible for taking business and facilitate breaking the requirements into consumable pieces of tasks;Responsible for leading and managing projects within the electricity distribution sector;Scheduling and conducting project meetings, documenting action items and following up on action items;Setting up and administering ANED Human Resources;Providing DisCos’ with information about training opportunities and financial conditions;Contributing to increase in the quality of training solutions delivered by partners through a labelling certifications system;Mapping and assessing the quality of training providers in Nigeria for the Power sector and identifying potential partners for ANED;Managing relations and representing ANED on topics related to human resources with partners, including governance agencies, businesses and numerous professional associations;Developing relations and common projects with DisCos’ human resources teams and deliver operational solutions, tools and methodology that will support their work and help upgrade practices in the electricity distribution sector;Promoting the electricity distribution sector, in particular towards youth through communication activities about the sector’s needs, job trades, opportunities and evolution of technologies;Developing partnerships with technical education and vocational training facilities through a shared governance, in order to provide DisCos’ with training solution that fit their needs; andRecruiting and managing consultants when needed.

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