Vacancy for Financial Analyst at Mactay Consulting

Role Complexity:Extract value from what we already have by focusing on optimizing processes within the Unit/Department in line with the value creation philosophy.  This includes individual contributions and recommendations to improve existing business project/initiative. Drive Innovation by identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities, e.g., by stimulating and encouraging new business opportunities, launch of products, product/process innovation, business model innovation etc. Maintain leadership in the ICT/Digital industry by partnering with our client’s Partners to improve their processes which in turn will improve the efficiency of our client’s operations.  Enhance/expand our client’s role in the larger national macro environment by participating in CSR projects and/or NGO’s, involvement in recognized professional institutions, participating in think-tank activities etc. Sustain the right organisational culture and behaviors by demonstrating the vital behaviors every time.     Levels of Work :  Overall Objective: Anticipates problems and proffers solutions before the problems occur by gathering and analyzing data.    Demonstrates the purpose of our client in response to particular situations/cases/customers  Ensures that standards are metIncorporates supervisory area of work Time span for outcome of work/ decision to come to fruition 1 year – with milestones within year 1 Task Complexity: Financial (5%) •Provide operational support for the division including maintaining the budget, Profit and Loss accounts, special programs and contract analysis. •Analyse the general Ledger transactions (Capex, Opex and Revenue) and all transactions posted into IFS to ensure proper classification and correction, as well as ageing of all Balance Sheet accounts.•Prepare trend analysis of Capex, Opex and revenue transactions, all General Ledger/Sub- ledger Accounts reconciliation, as well as weekly and monthly performance reports. Internal (50%) •Conduct in-depth analysis to identify specific trends, explain past performance and recommend opportunities for improvement, within the division •Provide supporting documents, records and schedules to meet audit and regulatory requirements; and all schedules /reports (including age analysis, assets movement, etc).•Implement finance policies as well as guarantee compliance with established internal controls,  Processes, Policies and Procedure, IFRS, IAS and GAAP in processing all transactions. •Process and post all account payables and receivables; and all month end deliverables within the monthly reporting timelines.•Raise and post journal vouchers and other financial transactions in the ERP system, resolve all reconciling items promptly and maintain set departmental filing system.  Customer (25%) •Relate with relevant customers and suppliers. Stakeholder (5%) •Relate with other divisions and departments on revenue, expenditure and fixed assets related issues.•Interaction with marketing division on billing and information systems functionsPeople (5%) •Continuously seek self-professional development to sharpen skills and capabilities in a versatile and evolving digital landscape.  •Foster active collaboration and relationships with employees across all levels and divisions in line with client’s VB and values. Specific Duties Based on Units within Division (For Generic Jobs): 

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