Vacancy for EXTERNAL FACILITATOR at Mactay Consulting

Document and deliver accurate documents on client briefs and Presentation request 24hours after meetingsContribute to business growth by making joint presentations with BG at all clients locations (ratio of presentations to request/business won)Carry out joint visit with BG to high net-worth (A Clients)at least once per week targeting new consulting and training projectsVisit all business partners and grow the existing business by 10% Support Business Growth by developing accurate proposals using the standard format within 24hours of request. (documentation/ survey feedback)Develop and present 100% accurate material/document from BG department client brief request and deliver to BG department (6 hrs/Basic and 24hrs/Major) Achieve zero customer loss from poor service100% compliance with all statutory obligations Conduct quarterly trend analysis on Training/Consulting and generate report to supervisor (questionnaire)Submit quarterly report on data and research findings to be implemented in the following quarter to supervisor in support of company’s consulting drive (report template) Carry out joint visit with BG to high net-worth (A Clients) once per week targeting at least 1 new consulting project within the year Develop and communicate project plans for projects 48 hours after receipt of brief Develop and implement the new Consulting process Identify and partner with potential consulting experts Updatetraining manuals and materials based on trends and program feedback quarterly and share with supervisor. Translate program brief into content/slide/manual/tools and exercises review with Facilitator 7 days before program implementation. Achieve a minimum satisfaction rating of 90% per program implemented for all consultants (happy sheets) Achieve a performance rating of 80% from team members on all consulting projects executed. (questionnaire)Provide 95% technical/logistical support to trainings via use of standard process for program delivery checklist (sppd checklist)100% quality compliance for produced course materials 48 hours prior to training. (Production checklist)Conduct program briefing 48hours to and de-briefing 24hours after respectively for external facilitators for all programs.(observation, TTT, meetings)  Implement 100% training evaluation for all program.(visitation/phone feedback) Submit post training report to client 48 hours after completion of all projects (documentation/ phone/ email feedback)Submit all evaluation forms 24hours after program delivery

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