Vacancy for Drivers (2) at EngenderHealth

·         Clean and inspect the office vehicles on a daily basis.·         Perform basic routine check (oil, water, battery, tire pressure, lights etc.) every morning and always with a view to identifying any faults and reporting same promptly to the Admin and Logistics Officer or Finance and Administration Officer.·         In liaison with the Admin and Logistics Officer or Finance and Admin Officer assist the office in logistics/movement of office property/asset.·         Bring to the knowledge of the project management any faults noticed and repairs to be carried out on the vehicle immediately as it is noticed.·         Maintain a “Vehicle Movement Register” and a “Log Book” and ensure that staff or any other official visitor taken on a trip signs off the logbook at the end of each journey.·         Prepare Monthly Vehicle Reports and submit to direct supervisor.·         Conveying staff and official visitors to all approved journeys/destinations.·         Assist in dispatching of all official mails/packages as determined by the EngenderHealth office.·         Report to the Admin and Logistics Officer or the Finance and Admin Officer when the vehicle is due for refueling; complete the fuel register for fuel replenishment or take funds to procure fuel and then thereafter retire the advance.·         Ensure that passengers comply with proper safety routine while in the vehicle.·         Ensure that the Vehicle is equipped with emergency and First Aid kits.·         Performing any other duties as may be directed by the Project manager or his designee.

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