Vacancy for Digital Marketer at Prepclass

Experienced Digital Marketing Expert at Prepclass NigeriaPrepclass Tutor marketplace is an online education platform that allows learners or parentsof learners to easily hire the services of a vetted and trained home tutor.Prepclass is currently the largest edutech company in Nigeria by reach, size, revenue, andlearning impact.At Prepclass, we run several marketing campaigns to acquire leads - learners, parents oflearners and tutors.The job of an experienced digital marketing expert would be the following:1. Create, monitor, track and record leads generated across multiple channels:Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google, Offline2. Create sponsored post to place on influential blogs with the aim of getting leads.3. Advice the telesales and visitation sales team on the best strategies to convertacquired leads.4. Create quarterly marketing budget and plans.5. Advice the video and graphics content team on the structure, format and creativityof content created 

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