Vacancy for DESIGN ENGINEER at Mactay Consulting

Develop and publish BTS active elements specificationConducts technical evaluation of new network product technologies and methodologyProvide technical support in the resolution of product selection, complaints and support the business on safety issues, and regulatory compliance.Conduct Business impact analysis of proposed technologiesEvaluate new network deployment technologies, products and methodologies aimed at enhancing & sustaining our client competitive advantage as a low cost network rollout organization.Develop Bill of materials/Bill of Quantities for our client BTS active elements for yearly rollout.Interface with  our clients Access Transmission planning and Enterprise Business units and Towercos for Tower loading Analysis and approvals.Value analysis of Towercos OPEX claims.Facilitate the conduction of FNI-First node integration of active components for the access networks.Developing an engineering and optimal solution, that aligns with      business strategic objectives, which addresses active site build  specifications and operational methodologies 

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