Vacancy for Crane Operator at Pivot-GIS Limited

Duties and ResponsibilitiesInspect crane for safety issues on a daily basis.Complete job tickets, service quality summaries, and all other necessary paperwork.Drive trucks to worksites and unload trucks.Carry out lifting procedures in line with operational and safety standards and working within precise limits and standards of accuracy.Operates traveling or stationary overhead crane to lift, move, and position loads, such as machinery, equipment, products, and solid or bulk materials, using hoisting attachments, such as hook, sling, electromagnet, or bucket: Observes load hookup and determines safety of load.Cleans and maintains crane and hoisting mechanism regularly as prescribed by both the owner and manufacturer.Inspects crane for defective parts and notifies supervisor of defects or malfunctions.knowing the machine well. The operator must understand its functions and limitations as well as its particular operating characteristics.having a thorough knowledge of the information contained in the crane's operating manual.being familiar with the crane's load chart. The operator must understand the correct meaning of all notes and warnings and be able to calculate or determine the crane's actual net capacity for every possible configuration of the machine.Keeping machine logbook or inspection report. Recording in the log or report the details of all inspections, maintenance, and other work done on the crane while in the field.checking that the site is adequately prepared for the crane.reviewing the planned operation and requirements with the site supervision.determining the number of parts of hoist line required.checking the load chart to ensure that the crane has sufficient net lifting capacity for every lift.selecting (from the range diagram) the best boom, jib, and crane configuration to suit the load, site and lift conditions.following the manufacturer's operating instructions in accordance with the load chart.knowing basics of rigging procedures and ensuring that they are applied (this is possible only when the load is visible to the operator).maintaining communication with signalpersons.

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