Vacancy for Community Engagement Officer at Pact Nigeria

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT OFFICER The Community Engagement Officer will provide support for quality programming at LGA levels. Communicates, consult and engage with stakeholders to ensure that initiatives meet policy obligations. Works within the LGA offices to support outreach with ward development committees (WDCs). Specifically, he/she will ensures performance assessments, mentoring and training in gender awareness and inclusion; leadership, financial management, note taking, scorecards and other key functions of WDCs. In addition, it includes support for the micro-grants WDCs will receive for implementing small scale improvements for SAQIP.Specific Responsibilities:·          Under the direct supervision of the Institutional Strengthening Advisor conduct a thorough, multi-stakeholder community assessment of service delivery and local capacities to cope with it in the target communities and LGAs. The assessments shall be conducted using specific tools including individual questionnaires, interviews, meetings, and focus group discussions with state and local government functionaries and men and women in the target communities.·         Facilitate development of community-specific action plans (with state and LGA and CBO involvement) and provide technical guidance throughout their implementation.·          Provide support in organization and implementation of the community-level activities of the CBO partners  including monthly community  meetings, capacity building activities, briefings, community  awareness raising and information campaigns. etc.·         Organize community-based awareness-raising and education events and campaigns. Negotiate with the local TV stations and media for broadcasting of Public-Social Advertisements (PSAs) and publication of program articles, success stories and materials.·         Provide support in establishment of community monitoring groups with participation of CBO Partners, community dwellers, other NGOs.·         Organize on-the-ground activities for piloting of Referral Systems, conduct monitoring, provide feedback and recommendations.·          Regularly monitor field activities.·         Maintain excellent working relationships with state and local government officials, and other program stakeholders.·         Ensure timely information to the Deputy Director Capacity Development about issues and successes of the activities and contribute to periodic report to donors.

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