Vacancy for Civil Works Project Manager at MYD TELECOMS COMPANY LIMITED

We are a fast growing telecommunication company actively involved in different telecommunication related services and infrastructure projects as we provide turnkey solutions for telecommunications opera­tors and vendors who seek to build telecommunications infrastructures for fixed and wireless services.Over the years, our company has earned a reputation of providing quality services to meet requirements of major players and have experienced substantial growth in both volume and diversity.To strengthen our operations due to expansion, we seek qualified candidates with extensive civil Engineering experience to manage the civil projects which we are handling with various Telecommunication VendorsJOB DESCRIPTIONThe overall responsibility of this position involves scheduling of project activities, site build, procurement and installation of equipment for the construction of Turnkey Civil Site Build, project programming, allocation of project resources, activity sequencing, establishment of milestones, tracking of progress, and taking general measures to meet overall project deadline Duties includes but not limited to the following:  Ensure the effective handling of telecom sites, RF installation,VSWR tests, supervising and handling RF works on site and working knowledge of telecommunication infrastructure buildingSupervising & monitoring site acquisition and turnkey site buildManaging colocation civil build and system installation)Analysing site acquisition report summarySupervision of civil implementation works and civil upgradePerform routine o&m procedures as prescribed for power, transmission and BTS radio networks.Ensure that approved transmission optimization tasks are executed according to schedule and with minimal distortion to serviceAcceptance of newly installed and upgraded mw linksMonitor and ensure adherence to SLAs by vendors (interconnect partners, transmission link providers, etc)Ensure transmission operations work undertaken by vendors/ service providers meets with customer specificationsManage and escalate all unresolved/ major faults to appropriate quarters for necessary attentionEnsure timely escalation of all inter-msc, msc-bsc, bsc-bsc and interconnect transmission links faults; follow up with vendors and third party service providers to ensure that faults are resolved within defined service level agreements (slas)Ensure that all preventive, corrective and configuration work orders/ change requests are duly implemented and according to the work order/ change request processManagement and maintenance of microwave linksGeneral maintenance of telecom base station (BTS and power)Installation and commissioning of dxx multiplexers e.g. Dxx6340, dxx6325, dx6335 and dxx 8100 basic nodesImplementation of SDH & PDH cutoverClearing of alarm on mini linkSupervision of radio antenna installation on BTS site i.e. Checking the azimuth, electrical tilt, cabling of feeder cables and groundingInstallation of micro wave antenna such as 1.8, 1.2., 0.6, 0.3.and commissioning the radioExtensive work on both transmission and radio base stationCoupling of microwave antenna, running of fibre and power cableEarthing and powering of RBS cabinetReact to emergency faults and ensure all faults are rectified promptly.Resolution of repetitive faults affecting BTS radio network Ensure maintenance work undertaken by contractors meets company’s specification.Maintain a comprehensive set of records of all transmission links, BTS sites, power equipment and spares for all sites within designated area.Ensure all security and network integrity documentation is completed and adhered toResponsible for designing and planning transmission link to support expansion and BTS site optimizationResponsible for conducting line of sight (los) survey for transmission linksResponsible for generating work order for implementation and operations teamCarry out detail optimisation of the existing access microwave links.Support rf team in optimisation of bts sites transmission linksGenerate a daily, weekly and monthly report on the access links with the agreed K.P.I

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