Vacancy for ASP.NET Programmer at is your preferred destination for anything bags online.  We are seeking an experienced programmer to work with us to upgrade and increase the conversion rate of our external website and also with the maintenance and growth of our internal applications.  The programmers role will include but not limited to:Design, build and test applications, modules and functions for thebagshop is currently using ASP.NET, ASP MVC and AJAXEstablish a clear vision for software development within thebagshop.Assist with building a world class software team.Implement software development methodologies, best practices and standards for producing the highest product quality.Contribute new features that facilitates usage of website, reduces bounce rates and increase conversion.Incorporate design elements into to facilitate maintainabilityTroubleshoot and fix bugs identified from production websiteDesign & build scalable technical architectures for growth of Integration effort with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Instagram & other relevant third-party sites.Leverage New technologies such as Cloud Computing for Scalability of thebagshop.Assist marketing efforts of deploying A/B tests quickly.

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