Vacancy for Admin Site Assistant at Lightning Networks Limited

Job responsibility:Ensure proper onboarding of staff i.e. all forms must be properly filled and sent to the various clients for verification.creation of leave calendar for all outsourced staff.Deal with all HMO issues, relaying it to HMO companies and escalating to the HRM when issues keep subsisting.Ensure all staff files are complete and all staff have pension pins.conflict resolution within staff.Maintain a master list for all outsourced staff and send updated report to the HRM, at the end of the month, showing number of staff for the month, number of new staff and number of existing with the site manager in the factories to ensure regular attendance and all other administrative job as may be required by the with site manager to ensure scheduled for pension are sent to the account department on time.ensure smooth transition for all staff exiting the pool and sending a report to the HMO companies on the status of such staff.sending weekly report to the HRM every week.

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