Vacancy for Accountant (Female) at Asset Management Group

Asset Management Group is a leading consultancy firm which provides both financial, business and project management advisory services focused on the entire real estate development value chain, ranging from land acquisition to concept development to property management services and construction.Our services cover key business decisions that help our clients develop and implement world-class projects with little or no setbacks from inception to completion.This role combines accounting skills with business management skills.·         Prepares, develops and analyses key financial information to ensure that an organisation's management makes well-informed decisions to ensure future stability, growth and profitability.·         Establish and maintain financial policies and management information systems, as well as provide a high quality support service by liaising with management, colleagues on all aspects of finance.·         Analyze the performance of the business and advice on how to pre-empt problems, adapt to changing circumstances and improve value.·         Manage and reduce operational and production costs and implementing newer, more effective strategies.preparing periodic financial statements, including profit and loss accounts, budgets, cash flows, variance analysis, Group account/ annual report and commentaries.·         providing a support service by working with all departments and the management team to help make financial decisions;·         ensuring spending is kept in line with the budget;·         informing key strategic decisions and formulating business strategies;·         advising on the financial implications and consequences of business decisions;·         analysing financial performance and so contributing to medium and long-term business planning/forecasts;Develop business and financial case/models for all new businesses.Advise management on raising of required capital for financing new projects and monitoring of the disbursement of such funds. Manage all investments.Manage relationships with all banks.·         negotiating on major projects, loans and grants;·         interpreting and communicating financial data to non-financial managers;·         liaising with other function managers to put the finances and accounts in context;Implementing corporate governance procedures, risk management and internal controls. 

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