Training Coordinator at Lonadek Nigeria Limited

Lonadek, is a preferred firm of local content consultants, committed to developing capacity, capability and competence across various sectors of the economy. Our aim is to identify, develop and engage local content while leveraging on technology to maximize productivity and profitability. Job DescriptionSales and Marketing of Training's via various medium of advertisement.Identify skills gap through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with stream leadsDesign, assess and revise training programs based on organizational and individual needs.Implement company scheduled training programs as well as industry training requirementsIdentify and confirm availability of qualified facilitators locally and internationally to meet our scheduled training requirementsDrawing up and managing a strategic Training BudgetPrepare and package training proposalsSupervise development of training modules to ensure that they meet specifications and anticipated customer requirementsLiaise with management to identify work situations requiring preventive or remedial training of employeesEvaluate pilot training programs and determine sustainability 

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