Trade Finance Officer

Job Title: Trade Finance Officer

Ref: TFO20200001

Location: Oyo

Job Description

  • Communicating with Banks to negotiate for quotes for Letter Of Credit (LC) Transactions and explore Trade Finance Opportunities with them.
  • Controlling trading operations such as establishing letter of credit, negotiating LC Terms and conditions, discounting LC, issuing bank guarantees, and submitting control returns on all the discounted LCs.
  • Controlling all inward / outward remittances which include: Import Bills, Export bills, Remittances, and SWIFT Operations.
  • Submitting and managing the payments process, ensuring all payments are checked, signed and submitted to the banks, before their respective deadlines
  • Performing daily corporate cash management, forecasting activities and giving accurate financial information.
  • Coordinating with the supply chain department concerning LC’s payment terms with suppliers.
  • Reviewing and negotiating all types of charges raised by current and upcoming banks.
  • Carrying out other duties as may be assigned by the Management periodically.