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Abt Associates - The International Health Division is committed to the improvement of health and healthcare delivery around the world. Serving both the public and private sectors, our efforts include health policy research and evaluation, health promotion and disease prevention, health finance, and health systems management. Our impact is felt in policies that ensure healthcare access for women, children, and individuals with special needs, in strengthening health infrastructures, and HIV/AIDS solutions.Technical Specialist 10 / Technical And Management ConsultantLocation: LagosExperience: 6 year(s)Course of Study: MedicineRequired Grade: Any Req Id: 52302OpportunityAmong the thirty countries with the highest TB burden in the world, Nigeria ranks fourth. Despite the high rank of Nigeria amongst the highest TB burden countries in the world, the current TB program is primarily donor financed.Nigeria is undergoing health financing reforms which are aimed at increasing domestic resources for health and improving both access to health services as well as financial protection for the poor and vulnerable.These two aims are of particular relevance to TB given that the current program is primarily donor financed and TB is often described as a “disease of the poor”.TB service delivery in Nigeria is currently a vertical, federal and donor funded program (Global Fund, USG and International Federation of Anti-leprosy Association); thus increasing domestic resources for health will integrate TB service delivery into the existing health insurance schemes (benefits package) to provide a stable, predictable, and sustainable source of funding for TB even after the exit of external funding.In order to support sustainable financing for TB through existing health insurance schemes the HFG project will hire a consultant to work closely with the HFG Nigeria team and the National TB Program to attain the following objectives:Inclusion of TB services into the available health insurance benefit packagesDelivery of comprehensive TB services with financial protection under the different health insurance schemes.Sustainable financing for the TB response at the National and Sub-National levelThe consultant will work closely with the HFG Nigeria team and the National TB program to coordinate the implementation the following activities which support the integration of TB service delivery into the benefits package:Activity 1: TB Financing Situational Analysis/Evidence Generation for Advocacy and PlanningActivity 2: Stakeholder Engagement and Capacity Building for TB provision in health insurance schemeActivity 3: Technical support to integrate TB into the current benefits packageKey Roles and ResponsibilitiesThe consultant will provide technical backstop and oversight for the above mentioned activities and in addition will serve as a quality assurance person for all TB related tasks. The consultant will be expected to perform the following tasks:Review background documents and information provided by HFGEnsure all activities are implemented in compliance with the workplan, donor rules and regulations and within budget limitsReview all major TB deliverables and ensure that the quality assurance for each is done. Will also work closely with the HFG Nigeria team to finalize these deliverablesProvide technical and managerial assistance as neededSupport overall management of HFG Nigeria portfolio of activitiesTimeline and DeliverablesThe assignment will take place between November 01, 2017 and June 30, 2018. The timelines for the below deliverables will depend on the timelines noted in the workplan. This will be discussed and agreed between the various parties at the beginning of the assignment.The consultant will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the development and finalization of all major deliverables for the TB portfolio. This includes:Activity 1 deliverables:Situational analysis report of TB response financingComprehensive advocacy plan to achieve TB into BPActivity 2 deliverables:National and state level TB and health care financing stakeholders mapTraining report for workshop on basic health financing/insurance concepts and road map of action for TB into BPQuarterly Meetings reports and action plans from CTI/TWG meetingActivity 3 deliverables:Analysis report of the feasibility studies on TB inclusion into the benefit PackageComprehensive Actuarial analysis report of TB service inclusion in the benefit packageBenefit package expansion draft meeting reports 

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