Technical Health Project Manager (MHC) at Première Urgence Internationale (PUI)

Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization. Our teams are committed to supporting civilians’ victims of marginalization and exclusion, or hit by natural disasters, wars and economic collapses, by answering their fundamental needs. Our aim is to provide emergency relief to uprooted people in order to help them recover their dignity and regain self-sufficiency.We are recruiting to fill the following vacant positions below:Job Title:Technical Health Project Manager (MHC)Overall ObjectiveThe Technical Manager for Health supervises the implementation of the 3 Mobile Health Clinics (MHC) providing primary health care.Task and Responsibilities:Programs: He/She ensures proper implementation and monitoring of medical program falling under his/her responsibility, while observing PUI’s health policy.Human Resources: He/She supervises the 3 Mobile Health Clinics implemented by PUI (PUI salaried employees and, as the case may be, daily paid workers).Logistics and Administration: He/She ensures compliance of activities falling under his/her responsibility with logistical and administrative procedures.Representation: He/She represents the association before partners, authorities and local actors involved in the implementation of medical programs.Safety: He/She contributes to efforts aimed at ensuring compliance with safety rules at the site, and transmits all information relating to safety concerns to his/her immediate supervisor.Strategy: He/She contributes to the development of new interventions on the basis of identified needs.Specific Objectives and Linked ActivitiesEnsure Implementation and Monitoring of Medical Program/s:He/She ensures that beneficiaries and local populations understand the project objectives and participate actively in their implementation.He/She plans activities and ensures that activity timelines are met. In the event of serious delays in project implementation, he/she immediately informs his/her supervisor and proposes solutions to remedy the situation.He/She works in close collaboration with the Medical Coordinator on the medical strategy for projects, the quality of activities, the technical choices to be made, and reporting obligations.He/She ensures the proper functioning of medical programs falling under his/her responsibility, and ensures compliance with goals defined in the project proposal/s. Notably, he/she tracks the performance indicators defined, reports on progress to his/her immediate supervisor, signals any difficulties encountered in project implementation, and proposes improvements or reorganization on an as needs basis.He/She ensures that proper medical protocols are implemented according to international and national recommendations and guidelines.He/She ensures follow-up and analysis of epidemiological data, in collaboration with the Medical Coordinator.He/She undertakes needs assessments of programs in relation to medical equipment, medications and medical consumables.He/She ensures the implementation of monitoring and/ or evaluations, according to the defined needs of the project/s. He/She undertakes analyses and transmits the data collected to his/her immediate supervisor, and to the Medical Coordinator. Depending on the needs of the projects and/or the data collected, he/she produces and disseminates reports of the monitoring and evaluation exercises to the relevant people.He/She ensures proper archiving of all the documents, tools and training materials produced in the context of project/s and ensures the availability of the verification sources mentioned in the proposals.He/She transmits the internal and external reports to his/her immediate supervisor and to the Medical Coordinator while making sure to meet the internal deadlines for endorsement (Situation Report) and the external contractual deadlines (project reports). He/she contributes to the monthly report of the mission and to the quarterly report of medical activities to be transmitted to the Medical Coordinator.He/She must guarantee the appropriateness of programs and their respect for the health policy and framework of operations of PUI. He/she submits any requests for advancement into new medical activities to the Medical Coordinator or to the Medical Department at Headquarters.He/She supervised the organization of referral from the Mobile Health Units to the PHCC supported by PUI and from the Mobile Health Units to Secondary Health Care facilities.Supervise the Medical Team:He/She familiarizes himself/herself with the Internal Rules of Procedure of PUI for the mission, and ensures that they are known and respected by the team.He/She prepares job profiles for members of the team, has them endorsed by the Field Coordinator, and participates actively in the hiring process (interviewing, testing, etc), as well as in any decisions related to the termination of employment contracts of team members.He/She ensures that each person is subject to a written evaluation at least once per contract period and per year, and at a minimum before leaving office.He/She creates coordination mechanisms specific to the team, and ensures proper supervision.He/She identifies the training needs of the team and addresses them (organizational and medical support, methodology, organization of training sessions…)He/She constructs the organizational chart of the team, and has it endorsed by the Base Manager.Ensure Logistical and Administrative Support for Medical Programs:He/She addresses his/her needs for medications, medical consumables and equipment to the Field Coordinator, and in line with available budgets.He/she takes into account the time and logistical constraints of the mission, as well as the purchasing rules specific to the programs, in order to ensure that his/her requests are realistic in light of procurement timelines.He/She contributes to the analysis of supplier of bids for purchases with highly technical specifications.He/She participates actively in the preparation of calls for tender, as the case may be, in collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator and the procurement officer at Headquarters.In coordination with the Medical Coordinator, he/she ensures, appropriate storage of medications, medical consumables or equipment specific to his/her program(s).He/She communicates to the Field Coordinator on a weekly basis his/her needs related to vehicles and communication equipment for the implementation of program(s).In coordination with the Field Coordinator, he/she organizes the logistical components of his/her programs (delivery, distribution, on-site storage, etc).On a monthly basis he/she provides the Field Coordinator with all information necessary for the development of cash flow estimates specific to his/her program(s).He/She ensures that the monthly budget tracking of the program(s) falling under his/her responsibility is up-to-date, participates in analyses, detects possible anomalies, and proposes adjustments to the Field Coordinator.Ensure the Representation of PUI Before Healthcare Providers:He/She represents the association before local actors involved in the implementation of medical programs, and ensures that good relations are maintained with each of them, (consistent with the principles of neutrality and independence of PUI).In agreement with the Field Coordinator and Medical Coordinator, he/she attends coordination meetings on relevant medical matters when they take place, and participates actively.In the event of visits from Donors, he/she participates actively in the preparation and the smooth organization of the visit.Ensure the Safety of Property and People:He/She ensures that the safety plan is known by the team falling under his/her responsibility, and that safety rules are respected.He/She contributes to data collection on safety issues in his/her field of operations and disseminates them to the Head of Base regularly or on an ad-hoc basis if urgent.He/She must ensure that project/s, methodologies, or selection criteria do not place beneficiaries, PUI staff or any other persons in harm’s way. He/she alerts the Field Coordinator without delay, in case of impending danger to teams or beneficiaries.He/She ensures that members of his/her team and daily paid workers as the case may be, are provided with safety gear adapted to their activities (for example: PEP kits[post-exposure treatment kits], gloves…)Contribute to the Developoment of New Proposals:He/She participates in identifying health-related needs in coordination with the Field Coordinator and the Medical Coordinator or the Medical Department at Headquarters.In the context of identifying new operations, and together with the Field Coordinator, he/she contributes to the preparation of project proposals for the Health sector.He/She participates in the strategy development of the mission.Team Management:Number of people to manage and their position (expatriate/local staff)Direct management: Health staff at the PHCC (local staff)Indirect management:Other Interfaces:Internal: functional link with the Medical Coordinator, work in collaboration with Mobile Clinics Unit Program Manager and with the Reproductive Health Officer, and the Nutrition OfficerExternal: other health stakeholders

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