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The First Choice in Education
At GRACE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we offer an alternative to traditional high school. We provide superior high school instruction in an online environment. We give students options – the option when to learn, the option where to learn, and the option how to learn. We provide them with a one-of-a-kind high school experience. Whatever their needs, we help them tailor their education to meet their unique set of circumstances.
GRACE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a leading provider of distance education. Although our students study independently, we are involved with their instruction every step of the way. Our supportive philosophy has resulted in a far-reaching student base. We have educated students from around the world for over 12 years. Strong relationships have been built with students and families alike. Students can rest assured that they are receiving a quality high school education. At GRACE, we strive to provide them with a superior educational experience. When they enter our online high school, they enter a virtual classroom full of opportunity. They become part of the GRACE family!
We recognize that there are many different types of students, each with different objectives and ambitions. At GRACE, students have the opportunity to get their high school diploma online or take individual classes. We provide them with a customized education to suit their needs. They can easily fulfill their home school, summer school or transfer requirements. Our students receive a well-rounded online high school education! Our curriculum is challenging, innovative, and aligned with national standards. At Grace International School, students find the same classes that are found in traditional high schools. We provide a comprehensive set of high school classes online that cover core subjects, as well as additional areas of study. We prepare students to enter the workforce as well as attend the college of their choice.
Our personalized, one-on-one support sets us apart from our competitors. We are with students every step of the way – they are never alone! Our staff of esteemed faculty members has a vested interest in their success. The teachers have credentials and/or advanced degrees to teach subject matter. If students have a question about a lesson or need help with their homework, they can turn to Grace International School. We are with them throughout their high school career. There are also Academic Advisors to help guide students with their education.
There are choices when it comes to tuition. Students (or parents) might decide to pay for the one class they need, include payment for the first year only, or pay for four years all at once. There are NO hidden fees and all materials are included with their tuition. There are options to meet all financial needs.
Grace International School is an accreditied online high school that has been granted national accreditation by the distinguished Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally-recognized accrediting agency.
We are recruiting in these Various categories due to expansion and work load:

1. Biology Teacher
2. Economics Teacher
3. Agric teacher
4. Chemistry Teacher
5. Physics Teacher
6. Mathematics Teacher
7. Flench Teacher
8. Government and History Teacher
9. Literature Teacher
10. Further Mathematics Teacher
12. Head Teacher
13. Assistant Principal
14. Geography Teacher
15. Technical Drawing Teacher
16. Creatve Art Teacher
17. Financial Accounting Teacher
18. Cormmerce Teacher
19. Information and Communication Technology(ICT)Teacher
20. Physical Education/Health and Fitness Teacher

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