Talent Manager at Ashford and Mcguire Consulting

Ashford and Mcguire Consulting is seeking a qualified candidate on behalf of its client a resourceful and successful Talent Manager to maximise employee productivity, development and retention.Job Title:Talent Manager Job PurposeTo Develop and implement Effective Talent Management Strategies, policies and procedures that will enable each employee to see where they fit within the organization and their contribution towards the overall direction and objective of the company.The Talent Manager will oversee the organization’s Human Resource department directly (including all internal staff and external consultants) and ensures that the best performing work force have been employed/engagement at all times.The Talent Management strategy will be derived from the organization's Vision, Core Values and Quality Statement.Duties and responsibilitiesThe Primary Job duties and Responsibilities will include the following but not limited to:Company Structure and Talent Management Strategy.Develop a new company structure in line with the Vision, Mission and Quality Statement to deliver the business objective.Develop a robust Talent Management Strategy Document for the company.Talent Sourcing and RetentionMeasures effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes both internally and externally and finds ways to improve processes.Will provide leadership while building collaborative partnership with internal stakeholders in recruiting superior workforce via a systematic hiring processs in line with the company’s objective.For a high performance and superior workforce, he will provide effective communication about the company’s direction, periodic performance development planning with each staff member and regular feedback that will show them their performance.Provide the management direction needed to align the interests of high performance workforce with the organization's goals and desired outcomes.Ensure that staff members get a clear understanding of the Company’s direction, goals, values and vision. Ensure they are well communicated frequently and in memorable ways where possible.Provide a motivating, empowering, demanding, committment-oriented work environment  that helps employees feel work motivated every day.Ensures that JD and KPI are clear and well understood by each staff. Also, the Performance management/appraisal tool is measurable, objective and conducted fairly.Will Work closely with management and employees to improve work relationships, build morale, increase productivity and retention.Research and recommend innovative ideas on Talent Management.Learning and DevelopmentDevelop a Learning and Development Policy and Procedure.Ensure that Performance and productivity goals that align with the organization’s goals are well developed, written, communicated and measured.Ensure that Yearly Personal Development goals are agreed upon, written and monitored. These can range from presenting a certificate of attendance at a class to cross-training or a new job assignment.Source for external training while monitoring training costs against budget. Also, develop strategies for minimizing training cost.Establish and maintain appropriate systems for measuring and administer the effectiveness and evaluation of staff training and development.Create a learning organization culture through various activities and provide a recognition reward for it.Along with the HOD, ensure effective supervisory feedback that each associate know how they are doing daily, via a posted measurement system, verbal or written feedback and meetings.Make recommendations on a cost-effective programme to support the company’s peoplemanagement strategy.Succession PlanningDevelop succession planning strategy necessary for continuity of every role in the company in alignment with the company strategic goal.Provide regular management, leadership training and coaching from both internal and external sources. The impact of the front line Managers on the development of your high performance workforce is critical.Develop a procedure-based, cross-training matrix for each position that includes employee skill testing and periodic, scheduled, on-the-job training  and demonstration of capability, for most hands on jobs.Ensuring that line managers periodically train/transfer knowledge to subordinates.Develop a job rotation strategy for staff.Team BuildingPlan and execute team building activities that will enhance cross department cooperation and understanding such as company periodic anniversary remembrances, spot awards, team recognition lunches and more.Ensuring that departmental team bonding/building exercise is carried out in all units periodically.Measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of Team building exercises and make appropriate recommendations.Staff Effectiveness and People ManagementDevelop a reward and recognition system that rewards and recognizes people for real contributions. It must also help people feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts.Develop a disciplinary system to help people improve areas in which they are not performing as expected. The system is written, progressive, provides measurements and timelines and is regularly reviewed with the staff member.Employee Orientation that should give new employee a complete understanding about the nature of the business, the flow of our business process, the fit of his or her job within the organization and employee benefits.Review and ensures that the company policy are updated adequately and all staff has a good understanding of these policy.Continually provide innovative ways to develop a workforce that would project the values and image of the Company anywhere they find themselves.Provides day to day performance management guidance to line management (coaching, counseling, career development, disciplinary actions, etc.)Educate Line Managers on their HR roles/function to their associates and ensure HODs understand that they are role models to their associates.Relate and liaise with external agencies on Staff Welfare, HR Matters, Company Strategy and Talent Management.Conduct exit interviews with any employees who leave. Use an employment ending checklist to make certain you have wrapped up all loose ends. Review the existing checklist and exit interview sheet.Regulatory ComplianceMaintains in-depth knowledge of legal requirements related to day-to-day management of employees, reducing legal risks and ensuring regulatory compliance (e.g. Nigeria Labour Law, International Labour Organization- ILO)Ensuring that statutory reports are generated and submitted as at when due.Business IntelligencePeriodically gather and analyze market data to measure the competiveness of the company compensation and benefits package and make recommendations as appropriate.Research and monitor human resource systems in other organizations within the Sector.Quality AssuranceContinually review and Update HR processes and workflows to ensure business efficiency and documentation is properly maintained by team members.Ensure team bonding activities integrate with organizational standards for quality management, health and safety, legal stipulations, environmental policies and general duty of care.Strict Compliance to our QMS objectives and procedures for every Human Resources process and procedure. 

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