Systems/Database Administrator at Hobark International

Systems/Database AdministratorReq ID: Req-1163Primary SkillsBSc, Engineering, EPC, Oil & Gas, Operations, QA/QC, Quality ControlDescriptionA. Application Support a) Support all existing HR applications. Fix bugs, provide enhancements and modifications when needed.b) Provide support to other employees on all HR systems. Ensure effective use of HR Business Systems.B. Application Developmenta) Carry out analysis and design of identified process for automation. b) Write codes to automate processes. c) Design and develop database objects, including but not limited to tables, stored procedures, views, functions, queries. d) Participate in testing of new and existing software modules. C. Database Management a) Design procedures to ensure availability of the HR Database at all times. b) Design and develop queries, stored procedures and function for analysing HR Databases. c) Monitor database performance and carry out database tuning when necessary.d) Carry out database upgrades when necessary. D. HR Reports a) Manage the census process. Prepare initial data, liaise with HR Advisers and entity heads to provide updates. Upload final data to web census and provide census reports to HR Management. b) Carry out organization chart updates and provide periodic org chart and manpower reports.c) Provide standard and ad-hoc reports as may be required by management

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