State Team Lead

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We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: State Team Lead

Location: Niger

Overview / Details

  • RTI International in collaboration with Plan International and other partners are implementing a 4-year USAID funded Effective Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (E-WASH) program.
  • The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Effective Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services (E-WASH) Program, implemented by RTI International, is working to improve urban water and sanitation service delivery by strengthening the governance, financial and technical viability of state water boards (SWBs)/corporations in five states in Nigeria. The five states are Abia, Delta, Imo, Niger and Taraba. E-WASH is working towards achieving the following mutually reinforcing objectives:
  • Creating professionally managed and commercially oriented SWBs.
  • Improving the financial and operational viability of SWBs.
  • Strengthening policy, institutional and regulatory frameworks for improved WASH services (including establishing accountability mechanisms).
  • Building national and state WASH advocacy, coordination, and communications for reform.
  • The overall goal is improvement of urban water and sanitation service delivery.
  • RTI International hereby invites applications from highly resourceful, motivated and experienced professionals to fill the position of State Team Lead in Niger State.

Job Description

  • The State Team Lead (STL) is responsible for the leadership and the overall implementation of E-WASH project activities across sectoral, utility and external relations in Niger state.
  • He/she will be responsible for the building of strong relationships with state-level counterparts particularly within the State Water Board (SWB) to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of reform efforts.
  • He/she will lead efforts for technical assistance to and capacity building of counterparts to deliver high-quality services.
  • He/she will oversee the delivery of services from short-term experts and support the overall harmonization of institutional and community efforts at the state-level.
  • He/she will liaise with security, finance and M&E counterparts to support state-level implementation.
  • He/she will oversee state-level specialists.

Primary Responsibilities

The STL will lead RTI E-WASH state implementation team in Niger state to support the state, specifically the State Water Board to implement the following project activities:

  • Provide technical support/assistance to develop water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) baseline information that will feed into state Service Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Support the creation of a professionally managed, commercially oriented SWB
  • Facilitate the increase in political and managerial autonomy of the SWB
  • Support strengthening of corporate culture that motivates and inspires staff to excel and achieve its vision, mission, and goal
  • Support Human Resources Development within the SWB
  • Support the improvement of financial and operational viability of SWB
  • Facilitate the improvement of business processes, financial management practices, billing and collection and customer service within SWB
  • Assist in the promotion and support the implementation of tariff review and increase
  • Support the SWB to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) over a period of specified time
  • Facilitate the development of Asset Maintenance Management Systems for SWB
  • Facilitate the design and operationalization of a Utility Support Fund for emergency repairs and small-scale improvements to increase operational efficiency
  • Support development and implementation of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Management Strategy for state
  • Facilitate the strengthening of policy, institutional, and regulatory frameworks for improved WASH services
  • Support and design the implementation of specific policy reforms
  • Facilitate the establishment or strengthen regulatory unit or commission
  • Support the design and implement a strategy to improve the financing of WASH service delivery expansion and improvements
  • Support the enhancement of social accountability and institutional transparency for the WASH sector
  • Facilitate mapping and develop plans for public sanitation service improvement
  • Build coordination, advocacy, and strategic communications among sector stakeholders
  • Support the development and implementation of a Communications for Reform Strategy for the state
  • Provide technical support for institutionalization of GIS applications in the SWB
  • Perform any other functions as required by the COP.