Speech and Language Teacher at RA International School (RAIS)

The RA International School (RAIS) is located in Nigeria LNG Residential Area Bonny Island, which houses both the school staff and families working for NLNG. The school runs a broad-based curriculum, following the English Curriculum for Mathematics, Literacy and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for other subjects with local (Nigerian) content included. We are seeking to recruit experienced, exceptional and internationally- minded individuals with ability to manage multi-cultural teams, using an inclusive multi-disciplinary approach. The position below is vacant:Job Title: Speech and Language TeacherLocation: Bonny Island, RiversJob ObjectivesTo identify children with Speech, Language and Communication delays / disorders and to provide support for these needs, thus ensuring that all children in RAIS School reach their full potentials.To offer training to service users including: parents; teachers; LSAs.Duties and ResponsibilitiesIdentify communication delays/disorders through formal and/or informal assessment to enable appropriate intervention. Reliably interpret the results from assessment findings. Devise, deliver and review relevant and appropriate therapeutic programmes.Deliver the4-apy in a number of settings: individual, group and classroom.Write and maintain confidential client case notes; reports and therapy summaries to the recognised standards of the Soil’s regulating body i.e. Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT).Manage the case load effectively to allow optimum therapeutic time for each child i.e. prioritizing needs, developing care aims, managing a waiting list, discharging when appropriate, thus ensuring sufficient progress for all children.Attend relevant IEP meetings and other related meetings, and actively contribute to the partnership work that arises to ensure best outcome for pupils.Liaise with and train parents, teachers and other relevant adults in the knowledge and skills required to promote and improve the communication of pupils on the case load.Actively maintain and develop up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field of Speech and Language Therapy to meet Continuing Professional Development requirements.Support parents in developing awareness of additional needs within the Residential Area. 

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