Sonographer at Teclab Management Services Limited

Teclab Management Services Limited is a specialist Consulting firm dedicated to Human Resource Services and Management. Teclab is Founded on a philosophy and style that has positioned her to consistently provide a reliable and effective work force as well as manage total overhaul, re-engineering and training services to her numerous clients since 2006.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: SonographerPurpose of the JobAs a Sonographer, you’ll work directly with patients.Most of your work is done at diagnostic imaging machines in dimly lit rooms.Job DetailsLook at an unborn fetus in prenatal care, also imaging the abdomen, the breasts or the brain.Preparing patients, explaining the exam, performing the procedure and reporting the findings to the patient or a physician.Performing imaging and non-imaging cardiovascular evaluations, including exercise tolerance tests, holter monitoring, event recorders, electrocardiograms, stress tests, and trans esophageal echocardiography.Adjusting equipment and calming patient to eliminate test artifacts.Recognizing abnormal rhythms and immediately notifying Physician.Evaluating test results for clarity and accuracy; reviewing tests with peers.Maintaining patient charts, entering diagnosis and billing codes, logging data into patient information systems, and updating file systems for tests performed.Cleaning and sterilizing equipment and work space.Recognizing equipment malfunctions and readjusting equipment or writing referrals for repair. 

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