Senior Associate, Operations and Logistics at Evidence Action

Evidence Action's mission is to fill the gap between what is effective in global health and development and what is implemented at scale. One of our flagship programs is the Deworm the World Initiative, which envisions a world where all at-risk children have improved health, increased access to education and better livelihoods potential as a result of being free of intestinal worms. Worm infections interfere with nutrient uptake; can lead to anemia, malnourishment and impaired mental and physical development; and pose a serious threat to children’s health, education, and productivity later in life. Infected children are often too sick or tired to concentrate at school, or to attend at all. Parasitic worms exact an enormous toll on human capital, hindering schooling and economic development in parts of the world that can least afford it. The Deworm the World Initiative provides technical assistance to governments around the world to develop and implement large-scale school-based deworming programs.In 2016, Evidence Action will begin supporting the government of Cross River State, Nigeria to launch a school-based deworming program for STH and schistosomiasis as a part of the state’s integrated NTD control program. Concurrently, a partnering INGO with in-country presence will support complementary community-based activities for NTD control (LF, STH, schistosomiasis, and onchocerciasis) as an implementing partner of USAID’s ENVISION program. Evidence Action and the INGO partner will work closely to coordinate efforts, leverage comparative advantages, and achieve maximum impact.Evidence Action seeks an in-country program consultant to provide focused support to Cross River state in planning, launching, and sustaining Cross River state’s new school-based deworming program. Objectives and key activities of the consultancy are described below.Job Title: Senior Associate, Operations and LogisticsJob DescriptionAbout Evidence ActionEvidence Action scales proven development solutions to benefit millions of people around the world. We fill the gap between knowing 'what works' and having impact at scale. We implement cost-effective interventions whose efficacy is backed by substantial rigorous evidence. We identify innovative, appropriate financing mechanisms and build best-practice operational models. We voraciously self-evaluate, learn, and improve our models for scaling with a commitment to transparency on progress, impact, and value for money. Our two flagship programs reached over 100 million people this year. One of them, the Deworm the World Initiative, was again selected by GiveWell as one of only four Top Charities on the planet.About Deworm the World InitiativeThe Deworm the World Initiative enables governments to eliminate the public health threat of intestinal worms through school-based mass deworming programs. We advocate for school-based deworming to policymakers and provide technical assistance to launch, strengthen and sustain programs targeting all at-risk school-age (and sometimes preschool-age) children. The program is delivered through a multi-tier training and distribution cascade, whereby all levels of government, from national to local, are engaged to ensure treatment of school-age and preschool-age children in all at-risk areas.Job PurposeTo perform general procurement, logistics and cash disbursement duties for Evidence Action in NigeriaThe position holder will also be the point person in managing government disbursements and returns for the Deworming program in Nigeria.Duties and responsibilitiesEngage and monitor programme transport vendors to deliver training materials, tablet poles, programme trainers, and other related programme deliverables to the right programme sitesCo-ordinate the purchase of programme promotional materials e.g. banners, fliers, T-shirts, bags etc.Maintain healthy relationships with vendors and service providers such as transport companies, hotels, training venues and other vendors relevant to Programme ImplementationDevelop customized programme budgets to be used for implementation of cascade activitiesSend out relevant budgets for specific activities ahead of receipt of funds and execution of activities to the counties and sub countiesEnsure states and LGAs report back expenditure of the funds in conformity with Evidence Action Financial policy and guidelinesCoordinate all the government disbursements and returns for the deworming program in Nigeria.Maintain filing records of all financial transactions within the organization in an orderly manner.Prepare disbursement request forms for all government payments and attaching all required supporting documents.Disburse cash payments as per the financial policies of Evidence Action.Keeping track of staff expense accounts including reconciling the same and sending their statements by 15th of the subsequent month.Support project staff and government representatives in processing their returns while attaching all required supporting documents.Ensuring all staff and government advance accounts are zeroed out.Ensuring completeness, accuracy and timeliness in the processing financial information.Key performance IndicatorsTracking of all Government and staff advancesKeeping records of all staff and government returnsEnsuring all logistical support for the programEnsuring all procurements are in line with Evidence Action procurement policies and guidelines.

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