Research Supervisor( Seed Multiplication) 

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is one of the worlds leading research partners in finding solutions for hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Its award-winning research-for-development (R4D) approach addresses the development needs of tropical countries. IITA works with partners to enhance crop quality and productivity, reduce producer and consumer risks, and generate wealth from agriculture. IITA is a non-profit organization founded in 1967 in Nigeria and governed by a Board of Trustees. IITA works on the following crops: cowpea, soybean, banana/plantain, yam, cassava, and maize. The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture seeks suitable Nigerian for the position below at the Institute’s headquarters in Ibadan. Job Title: Research Supervisor( Seed Multiplication) Responsibilities Successful Candidate will among other things perform the following Duties: Support International Trials Manager and scientist of the Yam breeding unit in the multiplication of true to type, disease and pest-free yam to ensure project goals are accomplished using high quality planting material;Carry out field and/or laboratory activities to detect viruses, fungi, nematodes, and insect pests to reduce disease and pest incidence and produce high quality seed tubers;Assist in the evaluation of resistance to diseases and nematodes within the Yam breeding unit to identify breeding clones with improved resistance.Collect, collate and summarize field, screen house and lab data using electronic devices and data management software to prepare reports, monitor multiplication rates, and maintain accurate inventories;Liaise with other units to do pathogen and pest testing and to obtain.phytosanitary certificates for tubers or plantlets to be distributed to partners;Co-ordinate with Germplasm Health Unit and Genetic Resource Center staff to establish and maintain virus-free stocks of yam for back-up, multiplication, and distribution of breeding material;Evaluate and improve rapid multiplication techniques used within the Yam breeding unit and assist with adoption of mechanization.Prepare weekly plan for screen house / field workers and technicians in consultation with the International Trials Manager, the Research Associate and other Research supervisors in the Unit;Supervise and coordinate the implementation of the weekly plan for Research Technicians and field/screen house assistants;Prepare protocols for multiplication of seedlings, vine-cutting and tubers in screen house or field and supervise the implementation of these protocols; Supervise and maintain proper identification, data records and accurate inventories of seed tubers stored in well-labelled storage containers, plants in screen house, and field plots;Ensure screen houses are well-maintained, plants are grown under optimum conditions to produce tubers or vine-cuttings, and diseases / pests controlled;Develop best practices for safeguarding tubers in storage to minimize losses and maximize vigour of planting materials;Maintain working areas for Yam breeding unit in clean and organized manner;Prepare and implement quality standards and continuous improvement of protocols in the Unit;Perform all other duties as may be assigned the supervisor. 

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