Reporter at Megalectrics Limited

Megalectrics Limited - We are a reputable and wholly owned indigenous broadcast company with headquarters in Lagos (Operators of The Beat, Naija and Classic FM Radio group).We currently recruiting for the position below in our Port Harcourt Station:Job Title: ReporterJob DescriptionsTo gather news using contact, sources, through personal interviews, wire services, news briefings by the government or press release sent by companies.They decide when stories will run and come up with innovative ways to present that newsEvaluate news leads and tips to develop story ideas.Collate information, compiles the data and writes the report.Gathers and verifies factual information regarding articles through interviews, observation and research.Follow the latest developments in his beat, that is, a particular field like crime, politics, sports, business etc, and file regular updates on his allotted topic.Organize materials and writes articles based on information obtained, writes about hard news, current affairs, that is the latest developments or incidents that take place.Maintain crucial deadlines in order to provide news stories in a timely fashion.Use various social platforms to provide updates and news stories to the public. Therefore, Will be sent to cover important events and report on them which must make the news.Must correct spelling and grammatical mistakes and ensue the copy is reading smoothly.Must verify details if they seem to be wrong or unclear.If the copy is badly written, he must also re write the copy so that readers can understand the news clearly.He needs to give headlines, captions, slugs, blurbs and search for appropriate inserts to bring life to the news.Must have knowledge of computers and know how to operate the hardware to make the bulletin a success.They interact with sources, employees and the heads of other departments, such as advertising and programming.Anchors news and radio programs to convey news stories to the public.Strong on-air presentation.Observer newsroom leadership skills.Excellent communication skill in oral and written form.Other duties as assigned. 

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