Radiation Oncologist at Imo International Health Systems

Imo International Health Systems is a provider of health services with the goal of enhancing the wellbeing of all individuals. We focus on reducing the healthcare risk of the community by providing quality services for the sick and encouraging preventive behaviors. Imo International Health Systems is a chain of hospitals that is established based on Public Private Partnership between Imo State Government of Nigeria and International Quality Healthcare Consulting LLC, a USA based healthcare organization.We are recruiting to fill the positions below: Job Title: Radiation OncologistLocation: Owerri, Imo Job DescriptionSee a broad spectrum of patients, in order of presentation of assignment with an emphasis on quality of patient evaluation and care.Perform the initial assessment of the patient and actively participate in all aspects of patient care, including history and physical, diagnostic and therapeutic planning, procedures, writing orders, and interactions with the patient’s family.Decisions regarding invasive procedures, change in plans, discharge.Responsible for maintaining accurate medical records.Play supervisory role with increased teaching, consultative, and research activities.Continue to see a broad spectrum of patients, but with emphasis on those with the highest acuity or greatest critical illness.Must discuss all cases with the Head of Team prior to disposition decisions.May initiate common diagnostic studies and therapeutic interventions prior to attending discussion.May also initiate more sophisticated diagnostic studies and therapeuticIn-depth discussion of all cases with the attending prior to initiation of all but the most basic diagnostic studies or therapeutic interventions.Responsible to be familiar with patients and serve as the attending’s principal resource for day- by-day patient data.Responsible for supervising both interns and students.Emphasis on gaining experience with a full spectrum of procedures, honing proficiency, and balancing quality of patient evaluation and care with improved overall efficiency.May initiate common diagnostic studies and therapeutic interventions in straight-forward patients. 

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