Punching Officer

Electronic Payplus Limited is a customer focused, smart card and payment solution service provider incorporated in 2004. The company commenced operations in 2005 with POS terminal deployment and changed its line of business to Smart card production and personalization in 2009. Electronic Payplus Limited is known for its world class service delivery, and has been doing business in both the financial and non-financial sectors of the Nigerian economy as well as in regions beyond Nigeria.

Job Title: Punching Officer


  • Must receive the Job order from Supervisor/Assistant Manager before commencement of operation
  • Ensure setting up of the machine according to the manufacturing and process parameters documented in the work and process descriptions.
  • Ensure that all required consumables are available before job commencement.
  • Ensure that the right laminating sheet, core sheets are supplied for the operation.
  • The machine must be properly prepared for the order by mounting the right laminated core sheets with appropriate punching set up for the job.
  • The production log book must be filled appropriately with the job ID, Client name, job printing image, order quantity before commencement
  • Proper care and control MUST be taken to ensure that every stage of the production line is well observed and monitored to forestall any mishap or inappropriate production output
  • Ensure that the QC officer gives a go ahead before proceeding with volume production run of the live order
  • Responsible for the production quality of the operation and must improve, control and analyze these processes and look for continuous improvement process and understanding of complex technical processes.