Public & Media Relations Consultant Job at BukiHQ Media

Job Title: Public & Media Relations Consultant
Company: BukiHQ Media
Job Type: Full Time
Qualification: BA/BSc/HND MBA/MSc/MA
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Job Field: Media / Advertising / Branding
BukiHQ Media is a strategic, solutions-driven public
and media relations consultancy firm that specializes
in public relations, reputation management, event
management, brand management and activation,
crisis management, content development and
corporate communications. We are the bridge
between clients and the general public, and we shape
public perception of our clients and their work
through honest, creative and effective use of
communication channels. As public media relations
and communications specialists, we are in a strong
position to successfully handle assignments and
projects for clients. At BukiHQ Media, we have a
culture of excellence, and through our creative use of
communications tools and technology while adhering
to PR ethics and standards, we are redefining Public
and Media Relations in Nigeria.
The Public & Media Relations Consultant works as the
intermediary between the public a brand, a
personality, an organization or business. The Public
& media Relations Consultant manages reputation,
publicity campaigns, leverages all platforms and
avenues to gain support and credit for clients, as well
as influence opinions in Buki HQ Media clients’ best
REQUIREMENTS: – Have excellent communication, interpersonal and
writing skills – Have good teamwork, analytical and problem-
solving skills – business awareness and a good knowledge of main
stream an d secular media as well as current
affairs – Prior experience in PR, communications, marketing
and media is highly desirable
Public & Media Relations Consultant’s responsibilities
are to; – Plan, develop and implement PR strategies for
clients – Network and socialise with clients, the media, PR
colleagues and competition to build and maintain
relationships. – Engage primary, secondary and third party
endorsements, to defined target audiences in order
to establish and maintain goodwill and
understanding between an clients and the public – Use all forms of media and communication to
build, maintain and manage the reputation and
crisis situations of Buki HQ Media clients. – Research, write and manage use and distribution of
press materials to targeted media or channels – Engage in market research for outreach reviews;
collate and analyse media coverage, impacts and
trends. – Prepare and supervise the production of press kits,
publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets,
promotional videos, photographs, films and
multimedia materials – Devise and coordinate photo opportunities or
visibility mediums per client requirements – Organise events such as press conferences,
interviews/shows, concerts, exhibitions, galas,
open days and tours. – Speak publicly at interviews, press conferences and
presentations to promote Buki HQ media goals and
objectives in the industry – Provide clients with information about new
promotional opportunities and current PR
campaigns progress – Liaise with and answer enquiries from media,
individuals and other organisations for Buki HQ
Media Client’s benefits – Liaising with clients, operations and journalistic
staff about budgets, timescales and objectives – Source and manage speaking and sponsorship
opportunities for clients as required – Foster community relations and initiatives

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