Protocol Officer at Michael Stevens Consulting

Michael Stevens Consulting - We are a long established and well respected multi-disciplinary management and financial consulting firm with offices in several locations across Nigeria.Job DetailLocation: LagosCourse of Study: Social SciencesRequired Grade: AnyPurpose of the RoleThe principal purpose of this role is to foster logistics and travel plans and processes in the organization.This includes local and international travel arrangements’, visa processing, hotel bookings, airport pickups etc for senior management and key staff in the organization.Top AccountabilitiesIdentify, establish and communicate effective logistical procedures to be used in transport operations, ensuring all stakeholders are aware and follow company procedures while handling company vehicles.Responsible for controlling, supervising and optimizing the allocation of duties to drivers and all staff under their charge to ensure high performance standards are maintained..Obtain quotations from agents or various airlines to find the best flight prices, options, buy and refund airline tickets as requested. Check-in for flights, select seats per preference and communicate to the traveling staff.The officer facilitates the travel of staff members going to other countries on official business.Arrange hotels and airport transfers, travel packages in anticipation of travel for staff, management and contractors working on projects.Provide periodic reports on expenditure and related information regarding travel.Build and maintain cordial relationships with various Government agencies at international and domestic airports to facilitate effective meet and greet services.The officer will assist with organizing events that involve international guest. He/she sends invitations and arranges to receive visitors; plan for their accommodation.The protocol officer is expected to plan the timetable of foreign visitors. He/She arranges for transportation where necessary and ensures the visitor’s schedule does not suffer from complications and delays.Provide protocol to clients at the airport both international and domesticTo deal with Immigration Authority and airport security force for clearance of clients.Arrange collection of travelers and baggage.Ensure speedy passage through airport – process travel documents.Make airport arrangement pick up and drop; Supervise escort patrol.Protect clients from extortion or harassment by airport authorities.Transferring passengers through the airport.Assist with other office function when less busy with travel arrangements.Willingness to work outside office hours.

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