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The Micronutrient Initiative (MI) is an international not for profit agency based in Canada that works to eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing countries. Although often only required by the body in very small amounts, vitamin and minerals – also known as micronutrients – support an array of critical biological functions including growth, immune function and eye function, as well as foetal development of the brain, the nervous system, and the skeletal system. Micronutrient deficiency is a form of malnutrition and is a recognized health problem in many developing countries. Globally, more than two billion people live with vitamin and mineral deficiencies.What is standing between a person and their potential is access to the essential vitamins and minerals a body needs to grow, learn and thrive.Hidden hunger – the chronic lack of minerals and vitamins – affects one in three people, with impoverished women and children in developing countries being the most vulnerable.Today, more than 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies and cannot lead healthy, productive lives. Families are devastated, communities and entire nations are impacted.The Micronutrient Initiative provides affordable and innovative solutions to end micronutrient deficiencies. We bring together technical experts, advocates, analysts, evaluators, educators, resource managers and nutrition champions who can end what is called hidden hunger.Job Title: Program Officer Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition (PO-4) NigeriaReports to/Position Title:  Program DirectorOverall Purpose/Broad Function:In line with MI’s strategic objectives in Africa, and in partnership with key stakeholders in Nigeria, provide technical and management support to the Government of Nigeria and other stakeholders to improve coverage of Zinc and Low Osmolar ORS in children with diarrhea, and improve utilization of iron and folic acid supplements in pregnant women, in order to reduce child and maternal mortality and morbidity in Nigeria on a sustainable basis.   Key Duties and Responsibilities:3.1 Project Development:With the support and guidance of relevant members of the MI technical team and the Program Director:Ensure a regularly updated situation analysis is available on the status of the use of Zinc in the treatment of diarrhea in children and of iron and folic acid supplementation (IFAS) in pregnant women in Nigeria including the status of work by organizations involved in provision of these services in Nigeria.Design and plan projects in Nigeria in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners that respond to programming gaps in the situation analyses and that aim to ensure appropriate intake of micronutrients by targeted groups.Ensure regular coordination for Zinc and IFAS programming with key partners to ensure MI funding for these interventions are being used cost-effectively.Develop project budgets and agree on financial commitments with Program Director Nigeria and ensure appropriate inputs are made in MI Contracts Database.Be alert to opportunities for MI engagement in child and maternal health and nutrition.3.2 Project Implementation and ManagementAssist the Program Director with the management of MI-funded Zinc and IFAs programs in Nigeria and any other fortification programs that may arise.Review and analyze financial and technical progress reports, produce relevant project documents as per MI procedures and guidelines. Troubleshoot and recommend corrective action drawing on internal MI expertise in the Nigeria and Regional Offices and beyond as necessary.Ensure the Contracts Database is regularly updated, in line with MI contract management procedures.Ensure regular coordination meetings with key stakeholders to ensure MI funding for programs is being used cost-effectively during implementation.3.3 Project ReviewReview programs for lessons learned and document and share appropriately.3.4 Program Research and EvaluationParticipate on the design of research and evaluation activities for MCHN projects and work closely with researchers and external evaluators to ensure research and evaluation exercises are feasible and respond to project and MoH needs.Support the timely dissemination of research and program evaluation findings in Nigeria and elsewhere with the view to inform others on available new information and improved practices for the MCHN program.3.5 External RelationsBuild and maintain good collaborative relations with Federal and State MoH, other government agencies, UN agencies, and NGOs to promote information sharing and effective coordination of effort to improve and sustain effective and efficient IFA supplementation programs as part of Antenatal Care services for pregnant women and the use of Low Osmolar ORS and Zinc in the treatment of diarrhea in children.Participate in national and regional fora relevant to antenatal care and child health.Keep up to date with developments in MCHN, antenatal care, BCC, and micronutrient supplementation.Document and share with the ER team field stories and lessons learned from the MCHN programs.Any other duties as requested.Supervisory  Responsibilities:N/A

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