Program and Business Development Advisor at Cuso International

Budget Transparency and Accountability Initiative Nigeria is a network of over 40 civil society organizations established in 2003 to encourage accountable public sector budgeting through monitoring, analysis and advocacy. The network is composed of formal organizations and civil society organizations at the local level.The organization’s major strength is working with groups and professionals in the areas of health, legislative advocacy and policy analysis.Job Title:Program and Business Development Advisor   Budget Transparency and Accountability Initiative Nigeria (BTAN) provides communities and groups with information that they can use to advocate for transparency and accountability in the delivery of essential public services that empower and protect vulnerable groups.The volunteer will support BTAN to build the capacity of its team to identify, cultivate and to secure funders and donors.The volunteer will:Conduct a stewardship audit to identify past challenges to renewing both institutional and individual donors.Assist staff and members in developing business cases for each of BATN's core programs.Identify and build relationships with foundations, multilateral organizations and private donors who have not previously supported the work of BTAN.Work collaboratively with the BTAN team to write and submit effective funding proposals.Conduct an in-depth capacity assessment of BTAN for Cuso International. 

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