Product Delivery Representative

Job Description

  • Product Delivery Representative (PDR) is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the delivering of all approved purchase orders across Lagos.

Primary Responsibilities

Product Delivery:

  • Work with Hypermarket Officers to deliver all approved Purchase Orders to stores in full not later than 48hrs after approval.
  • Oversee the loading of stock in his Van in line with recommended stacking.
  • Return and ensure proper documentation of all returned stocks with the right supporting document.
  • Submission of Evidence of Delivery to Back Office Associate/ HMO after every delivery.

Asset Management:

  • Ensure the Delivery Van is clean and in good working condition always.
  • Maintain and provide Routine Maintenance Logbook update of the Van.
  • Ensure all vehicle papers needed for smooth operation is valid and always in the Vehicle.
  • Keep Proper record of Van fuelling with Fuel vendor.

Risk and Control Management:

  • Comply to all rules and regulations as stated by Traffic Agency.
  • Reports all incidences not more than 24 hours after incidence.

Process Improvement:

  • Continuously ensure processes are followed and improved upon by adherence and proposing ways of improvement.
  • Reporting
  • Provides reports of functions on daily, weekly and periodic basis as may be needed by the Line Manager.