Procurement Officer at a Port Terminal Operator

Company:Global Profilers is a Recruitment & HR Services firm specialized in recruitment in Africa; we are currently looking for a Procurement Officer for our client who is a port terminal operator.Responsibility:The Procurement Officer is primarily responsible for streamlining the cost of procurement and ensuring procurement documentation is properly compiled and utilized. He or she will also ensure that suppliers and end users are properly guided and see to it that procurement requests are compiled on time.Responsibilities Head the procurement and disposal unit including: Generating short, middle and long term savings and following them up by KPI. Developing and managing the Units Budget. Submitting regular reports on the unit to the Finance ManagerMaintaining a list of prequalified suppliers for the whole range of company goods, service and works including: Initiating the recruitment and selection of suppliers in accordance with Company Regulations. Communicating with suppliers in matters leading to placement of orders and responding to their inquiries.Maintaining procurement requirements for the company including; liaising with Heads of User Departments and Sections to determine their procurement requirements. Preparing bid documents and recommending procurement methods to Contracts Committee. Placing orders of suppliers through use of LPOs. Receiving and opening bids, coordinating the evaluation of bids and submitting reports. Ensuring that suppliers deliver goods services and works in accordance with specifications and terms of order.Ensuring that the necessary company procurement documentation is in place and properly utilized including: Providing timely advice to the Finance Manager on all matters pertaining to procurement. Developing appropriate systems, procedures and guidelines for the Procurement Unit.Performing other duties as may become necessary for the smooth running of the Unit and the Company as a whole. Targets and Goals  To reduce the cost in 2017 by 15% compared to 2016 cost

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