Pharmacy Supervisor at the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an independent humanitarian medical NGO that was created in 2009 by professionals of humanitarian medicine. ALIMA’s mission is to provide medical care in emergency situations or medical catastrophes.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Pharmacy SupervisorLocation: Monguno, BornoLine Manager: Project Medical ReferentEmployee: Pharmacist ManagerLevel: 7Contract Duration: 3 months, renewableMain PurposeIn compliance with ALIMA standard practices and protocols, ensure Good Hospital Pharmacy Distribution Practices including: storage; supply; distribution; rational use of drugs, to ensure its effectiveness and operational availability.Main ObjectivesImprove the medical supply in the projectGuarantee patient safety by complying with the protocol and the Rational drug useAccompany the medical team in the good pharmacy practiceEnsure the capitalization of the pharmacy activity (indicators)Specific ObjectivesSupply:Ordering and reception of the commandsPrepare the commands in collaboration with the PMR, according to the chronogram and the procedure definedEnsure the reception of the ordersIn the collaboration with the logistic, check the numbers of box matches with the numbers recorder in the Freight ManifestCheck that the content matches with the packing listReport the discrepancy and establish the claimSend the packing list copy with the project remarks to the coordinationFollow up the back order, with the Pharmacy coordinationDistribution in the different project end user:In collaboration with the medical team define the project order plan, and ensure the compliance of the planIn collaboration with the medical team define a clear line of communicationEnsure that the procedures are followed during the order preparation in End Users (good document, good evaluation of needs, signature ….)Ensure the preparation and procurement are done in time, at the pharmacy levelEnsure the respect of the procedure regarding the controlled drugs distributionStorage and lay out:Accountable of the warehouse securityEnsure that the cleaning plan is followedEnsure that the ALIMA standard in term of storage and lay out of the drugs and medical equipment is in place and respected (Family, alphabetic order, administration road, FEFO/FIFO, labels, reserves)Ensure the specific storage of the controlled drugsEnsure the specific storage of the expiry drugsEnsure the specific storage of the EPREP (Emergency Preparation)Administrative management:Ensure that the IN and OUT’s movements is recorded in the stock card no later than 24h after movementRecord the IN and OUT’s movements in ISYSTOCK no later than 1 week after the movementDefine the inventory plan in relation with the order plan, and ensure that the plan is respectedAnalyze the discrepancy and provide Inventory analysis reportAnalyze every end of month the indicators: rupture, pre rupture pre expiry drug, sleeping stock, over stock and propose the solution to avoid the gap in the quality of careAnalyze at the end of every month the pre expiry drugs, sleeping stock and over stock (>4 month) and propose the solution to avoid the lossEnsure at the end of every month that the expiry drug is removed of the stock, and the register is correctly completeEnsure the constant maintenance of Register of psychotropic drugs and narcoticsElaborate the monthly consumption report of the controlled drugsMonitor the stock status and give alert in case of risk of pre rupture, and over consumptionIdentify the needs and problems encountered and propose the CAPA (corrective actions and preventive actions) Ensure the specific management of the EPREP stock (inventory/ year if no movement, systematic replacement if consumption)Define the schedule for updating the different kind of medical kit (house, Emergency kit etc..) and ensure the respect’sEnsure the Good archiving and visibility of the documents according the standard of the management toolsStay properly informed about national import regulations and any possible change in procedures.Know the national standards of destruction of perishable medical articles and advocate for compliance with international standards.Participate with the coordination pharma to the update of the management toolsElaborate the monthly reportEnsure the Capitalization of the activity if closedEnsure the bi annual report of the project indicatorsSpecific management of the cold chainEnsure the good storage according with the standardDisplay the content on the Fridge gateFollow up with the logistic the good maintenance of the fridgeEnsure recording of the temperature at hottest and colder hours of the dayDownload the logtag every end of month and interpret the data’sInform immediately the PMR in case of break down and do a claimDefine in collaboration with the project team the contingency plan in case of break down and ensure his implementationMaintain the T between 2-8 c during the inventoryEnsure the strict respect of the packaging procedure for the transport in passive cold chainRead the logtag in the keep cold during the reception and share the result with the PMR and the pharmacy coordinationManagement of the End UserProvide technical support of the End User in the following:Good condition of storage: hygiene, access, safe, FEFO/FIFO, label,Good storage condition of cold chain: passive or activeGood storage of the controlled drugsUpdate each 6 months with the medical team the standard list of each unit, according with the standard ALIMA list and the national listImplement, supervise the good pharmacy practice and propose the CAPA, on the following:Good diagnostic, good drugs, good dosageSafe medication practice in the clinic area: dispensing in the clinic, safe use of injectable medicines,Good dispensing practice: hygiene, good comprehension, good adherence, good compliance,Management of the controlled drugsOrganize every 6 months the satisfaction patient inquiryAnalyze every 4 months in collaboration with the PMR the prescription and patient’s files, to check the rational drugs useSupervise the patients return drugsIdentify the need of trainingTeam ManagementEnsure regular Communication and sharing the information in all the aspect regarding the pharmacy in the projectImplement the weekly meeting to improve the communication and the sharing of essential information for the operationsIdentify the need of training Train the staff in charge of the management of pharmacies:Ensure updating the job profile if necessaryEnsure the Evaluation of the pharmacy staffParticipe to the medical meetingMeet with the other partner in the project of necessaryEnsure the regular and good communication with the other departments 

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