Payroll Manager Engagement at Pact West Africa

Pact, established in 1971, is an international non-governmental organization with headquarters in Washington DC, USA and has been working in Nigeria since 2005 to strengthens local capacity, forge effective governance systems and transforms markets into a force for development. Pact has presence in 29 countries around the world working in Health, Livelihoods, Governance, and Access to Markets, Capacity Development and Natural Resource Management.In Nigeria (where it is registered as Pact West Africa), Pact has worked to build the organizational capacity of institutions; including civil society and community based organizations to improve maternal, newborn and child health; address the needs of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC), mitigate the spread of people living with HIV/AIDS, and artisanal miners in over 20 states across all the six geo political zones. Pact has also worked with more than 30 local organizations, community groups, and government agencies who now demonstrate measurable improved performance following Pact’s capacity development approach.We invite applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position below:Job Title: Payroll Manager EngagementLocation: AbujaBackgroundCurrently, Pact is working with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) in Gombe state in North East Nigeria to support the strengthening of government health systems, also as a partner on the United State Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children Project, Pact West Africa trained over 32,000 state and local health officials, and provided technical support to LGAs to improve budgeting and advocacy abilities, as well as create links between government agencies and civil society organizations and the private sector, Pact West Africa helps communities gain lasting benefits from natural resources by using them more sustainablyWe have a Direct Aid Program (DAP) funded by the Australian Embassy, Pact West Africa introduced safer methods for artisanal surface miners by increasing awareness of mercury and related health concerns in the mining population and providing solutions for the mining community to alleviate mercury poisoning in Zamfara State.Objectives of Outsourcing PayrollThe objective of engaging a payroll management company is to ensure accuracy in the computation and management of Pacts payroll.Scope of Outsourcing PayrollThe scope of the payroll managements includes the following;Cover the period 1st October 2018 to 30th June 2019.Ensures monthly computation and finalization of Pacts payroll, this would be carried out in strictest confidence based on the information provided by Pact.The payroll manager will render additional services of assisting Pact in capturing and screening the information provided by Pact to ensure that they are in accordance with Pacts policies and procedures and all government regulations. The payroll manager would seek Pacts authorized payroll signatories for their signatures on a letter of instruction to Pacts bank prior to designated date of crediting.Monthly, the payroll management company would make timely cheque request and fund requisition to Pact for the payment of salaries.A time schedule would be agreed between the payroll management company and Pact, stipulating the deadlines for;Submission of employees’ contracts.Submission of reports to Pact for vetting before finalisation of payroll.Submission of reports to Pact for record keeping.Issuance of cheque by Pact for payment to statutory bodies.The Payroll management company would be expected to prepare all standard payroll reports, after each payroll period as follows:Payroll Summary.Allowance and deductions report.Salary reconciliation reports.All statutory deductions schedules (NHF, NSITF, PENSION, and PAYE).The payroll management company is expected to print out payslip monthly and send to Pact.The payroll management company would prepare accounting journals for payroll cost and accounting journals for financial month end provisioning in the format required by Pact.Yearly, the payroll manager would prepare to file annual returns with Federal capital territory- Internal Revenue Service for the tax expected to be remitted for the year, before 31st January 2018.Payroll Management DurationThe duration of the contract is 9 Months from the date of commencement subject to renewal.Payroll Outsourcing FeesThe payroll management fees would be fixed through a competitive bidding processDeliverablesEnsure all employees are paid in a timely manner for the hours worked in the pay period before 25th of every month.The payroll manager is responsible for paying all employees accurately and in accordance with the employee’s pay rate and time reported on the timesheet, with appropriate deductions.Monthly payslips should be sent to staff before the actual payment is received.All statutory deductions should be remitted to the appropriate body and collect receipts thereafter.A monthly report of the payroll preparation should be sent to Pacts management for record keeping.The payroll manager should ensure a back up plan in the event of an interruption of services due to unforeseen circumstances by ensuring employees are paid before 25th of every month.The payroll manager is expected to be available to answer questions from Staff regarding payroll as the need arises. 

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