Packet Core Senior Engineer at Vodafone Group Plc

Packet Core Senior Engineer - 000000212282to test & design packet switching networkservices and solutions through liaising with different business domains to capture business requirements and customer’s needs, the role include leadingand managing virtual technology teams during the design and implementation of the new services and solutions, leading solution assurance with other technology domains throughout delivery phase and provide support for technology operations teams after new services and solutions are transitioned to operations. Key accountabilities and decision ownership :Participate in the design of mobile network packet switching solutions in a consistentway with the department Product Catalogue, strategy and architectureIn charge of the verification &  testing of new functionalities/features/patches & SW release.Deliver technical service in packet switching network.Working as a part with technology teams, different stakeholders from business, technology, operators during solution design and implementation phases.Actas a part of the technical team of the project team and competence area to allstakeholders, including the customer and Technology management. Key performance indicators:Quality of solutions and services design measured by fulfilling customer/business requirements and the reliability, usability of solutions and services when turning to live.Meeting delivery timelines while providing excellent communication and regular reporting to management and stakeholders about status and progress throughout delivery.

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