Organizational Inventory and Asset Policy Expert at Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE)

Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE), a reputable national indigenous non-governmental organization, is soliciting for short-term consultants to conduct a 5-10 days consultancy to develop an Inventory and Asset policy, and review and update our Human Resource, Travel, Operations and Procurement policy and manual.WEWE is considering reviewing her policies to meet global best practices and USAID rules and regulations. We are looking for experienced and preferably certified experts with over 10 years’ experience in their related fields. Therefore, WEWE is soliciting for consulting individual expertise to bid for the position below:Job Title: Organizational Inventory and Asset Policy ExpertLocation: AbujaScope Of WorkDevelop WEWE Inventory and Asset Policy Manual, incorporating best standards and tailored towards a not-for-profit organization and in conformity with the international best practices and Nigerian legal requirements and trends.Ensure the policy incorporates controls against abuse and in line with best standards and tailored towards a not-for-profit organization.Terms Of ReferenceThe Consultant shall conduct needs assessment and prepare a pre-assessment report of the current Inventory Policies and Procedures with the justification for improvements.Identify lapses and lacunas and such other inconsistencies and suggest corrective measures.The Consultant shall have the overall responsibility to develop requisite institutional/organisational Policy proposals and the procedures for adoption.Develop such mitigation and transition protocols required for the seamless onboarding of the new policy manuals.Ensure legal, economic and audit risk assessment, reduction and mitigation protocols for the new model policies.Ensure that business continuity and sustainability processes are incorporated in the model policy.Estimated Consultancy Duration:The consultancy is estimated to run a duration of 2 weeks. 

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